Trekking is our sport

Mountains are our playground

Nature is our guide

Sky is our limit

About Us

MOUNTAIN QUEST offers classic treks in our beloved country which is no less than heaven on earth. Starting one day treks in Sahyadri we move up to Himalayan Treks. We undertake corporate events, jungle safaris, adventure activities viz. rock climbing, rappelling, river crossing, rafting, paragliding etc. For nature enthusiasts, we offer wildlife camps, Safaris in National Parks and Sanctuaries, Bird watching and Nature trails. We do undertake special treks as per your convenience as well. Family trekking is our specialty.

Who are we?

“Trek” is a South African word. “Trekking” means a journey on foot especially through mountain areas for pleasure or sport. The subject “History” is mostly an avoided subject in school days, but as you walk through fort walls, caves, memorials they start communicating with you, and with that you start experiencing a deep level of connect with the places and experience a deep level of satisfaction. Moreover, the history of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj is so thrilling and inspiring that we feel like saluting these forts and monuments. Sahyadris has always been a challenge for trekkers in Maharashtra.

Trekking is considered to be a part of adventure activities. It involves visiting remote areas, lodging in tents under relatively lesser comfort. 

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What is Family trekking?

Family trekking is nothing more than walking with all family members for pleasure but with discipline in the Mountains.

Trekking & mountaineering are same or different?

No they are different. The difficulty level for both is different.

Does one need to be extremely fit for trekking?

Being fit also means that you will enjoy the trek more. Any trekker just needs to be
reasonably fit & healthy and have a liking for walking in the Mountains with a sack on
your back. This basic level of fitness can be easily achieved by moderate exercise for
about 30 to 45 minutes on a regular basis.

What should be the clothing while Trekking and Mountaineering ?

A cap is a must irrespective of the season. A round cap or a hat is the best option. We
always recommend full sleeve Cotton T-shirt & track pants, which are comfortable. Full sleeve T-shirts& track pants will protect from cuts & from sunburn. Avoid synthetic garments as they will not absorb sweat and not allow your skin to breathe. Avoid jeans as they can be a nightmare to carry around in case they become wet.

What Our Clients Say


वैराटगड माझा पहिला ट्रेक … गड चढताना काही वाटलं नाही पण उतरताना जी काही वाट लागली माझी … पण तुमचे टीम लीडर्स खूप भारी आहेत .. मी घाबरलेली असताना धीर देऊन .. अक्षरशः एकेक पाऊल असं टाका म्हणून समजावत धीर देत boost करत मला उतरायला मदत केली … कुठे ही चीड चीड नाही, वैतागले नाहीत …
मला नावं माहीत नाहीत पण सगळे टीम लीडर्स… मॅडम hats off to you all
You r doing really great work

– Shweta


Thank you so much Mountain Quest team. Ruchi has enjoyed and want to participate in upcoming events. 👍👍👍👍👍



Thanks MQ was a great trail..a nice experience with a nice group..enjoyed a lot..



It was great experience for my child … Now he is eagerly waiting for next event…. Many thanks to MQ team 👍👍

– Kalyani


Vasota trek was my first trek.  Enjoyed a lot, besides intense sun and extended distance. MQ team is very caring and supporting. Thanks to Neil, Aditi, Amod Sir, Sonali Mam, Amey.. Spent a great time with co trekers Asawari, Sarita, Ashwini, Neela, Anjali, teenagers group and all. Awaiting for the next trek. 😊



Amazing trek… We were lucky to witness hundreds of fireflies on the first day and also thoroughly enjoyed rains in second…. 👍👍

– Sandeep


This was Ria’s first outdoor experience and she thoroughly enjoyed it. This trip was very well planned and executed to give a great experience to kids. special thanks to Shailesh for offering the best time to kids.
– Gauri


Big thanks to Sameer and team for yet another exciting trip. Well done. Children are very happy.  I am sure this will give them energy for their future plans, and career activities.

– Amar


Thank you so much MQ Team Once again for a wonderful experience for Nrutaa.👍👍👍😃.and Thanks to all co-trekkers too👍👍👍😃

– Ketki